Wild Wonder: An Online Course

Wild Wonder: An Online Course


Wild Wonder is a self-study, instant access e-course where you can learn how to make mixed-media paintings, while being invited to go outside and connect with nature.

This course is all about seeking those glimpses of wildness and infusing your paintings with your own wild experiences – your true nature made visible.  We will learn the basics of botany, and ecology, and weave them into our paintings. 

This online workshop includes:

Want to sign up for Wild Wonder plus a creative mentoring session with me? Great, take a peek at my Course Plus Mentoring Package! When you sign up for course plus mentoring package, you get the benefit of instant access to Wild Wonder plus a 1-hour, private mentoring session to schedule at your convenience.

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How Do I Get Access to the Course?

  • Once your payment is submitted, you will be instantly emailed a .pdf document that has your secret login link to the Wild Wonder Self-Study course.  The Welcome .pdf also contains some suggestions that I have for how to approach the course, and a link to the welcome video, and the materials list. 
  • The course is designed for busy working people so that you can do one lesson each day, or do them all at once for an immersive experience. It's self-paced so feel free to access the materials in a way that works best for you!