Vulnerability and the Creative Process

I was delighted when Carrie Brummer interviewed me for her fabulous "Artist Strong: How to be an Artist" series! During our interview, we talked about how to navigate the vulnerability that is inherent to the creative process. Hope you enjoy this excerpt, you can read the full interview here.  


How do you navigate the feelings of vulnerability that show up during the creative process?

Feelings of vulnerability show up for me all the time—as an artist, as well as teaching and running a business and creating offerings. I try to be super real about these feelings. For example, I recently launched a New Year’s Day art retreat. I anxiously put off the launch for several weeks as I wondered, “What if nobody signs up? What if they don’t like it? What if they think the retreat is too life-coachy?” Finally I bit the bullet and announced the class to my newsletter and social media, and it was filled within 24 hours! I shared this success on social media, but I also shared the vulnerability I’d overcome—that this was a giant “TAKE THAT!” to my inner critic.  

I have built a support structure around me, and this helps me to navigate the vulnerable feelings and to keep me in motion as a creative being. I’ve learned that it’s vital for me to have support around me to keep me from getting stuck. I have a group of friends who meet as an art group once a month, and we’re a huge source of support for each other. I also have an accountability buddy that I meet with monthly to discuss our businesses and our art. I meet with my business coach every six weeks, and she has encouraged me to get help and delegate. In that vein, I’ve recently hired a part-time virtual assistant, and I’ve also hired a copywriter.  

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Annamieka Davidson