On Flying and Letting Go

Last November, I was sitting in the airport waiting to board the plane home from Hawaii, when I saw a new message from my Dad, Rob. It was a link to this video.  I put on my headphones, and pressed play on the tiny screen of my iPhone. I was transported out of that space and up into the sky. The music, the joy, the freedom. The epically gorgeous panoramic shots. It brought tears to my eyes. 

"Gravity is Overrated", by Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, with music by First Aid Kit.

Looking out the window of the plane later, as we took off, I had a sense of wonder. To see the earth from the sky is to see how anything is possible. How we really are creating these lives, these cities, these worlds that we inhabit. We look like tiny little ants living in our tiny little cities.  Meanwhile the earth is vast expanses of color - oceans and skies and mountains and trees. 

Honestly I’m not sure what the point of it all is - our existence here as busy little ants on this blue planet - but I know that I’m supposed to make art and share it with you while I’m here.  

My intention with this blog is to connect and inspire, even when I don’t have anything in particular to sell. Particularly when I don’t have anything to sell. My intention is to always share something here that I would be delighted to find in my own inbox. 


I came back from my trip with a driving urge to clear clutter and create anew. At one point, I had a huge free pile outside my studio, of stuff that was just cluttering the space. We painted a huge wall white, to help me create a backdrop so I can film my next e-course.  Meanwhile, I taught my beloved Wild Wonder e-course, twice last year, and I can hardly believe those sessions are over. (Wild Wonder is now instant access, so you can take it anytime!) I love teaching online.  I love the connections that form, and that is why I also love my blog. I love writing to you. It is a creative practice in and of itself. We are all in this together. 

Wherever you are in life, I urge you to listen to your needs, fly up into the sky and look down at your life, and choose what you really want.  Emphasize connection over consumption. Savor the precious time with loved ones, and give yourself space and support for all the feels that accompany these times, too. For me these times are always so sentimental - happy and sad all at once - but I love them all the same. :o) How about you?

Annamieka Davidson