Two Hour Two Person Class

Hello and welcome! To guide our work together, please respond as soon as you can to the following prompts. This will make your class unique and fun!

Name: & how to pronounce your name *
Name: & how to pronounce your name
Name: & how to pronounce your name. (My name is pronounced “Awn-uh-MEE-kuh”)
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Physical Address:
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Lovebirds: Pairs of Animals in Love Lush Foliage: Botanical Layering with Acrylic Paint Palette of Place: Color Exploration in Nature & Paint Paper as Paint: Layered Collage Flowers   Pacific Northwest: Stencils & Simple Printmaking Techniques Or, is there something else that you would like to learn how to make? Please provide as much detail as you can, but don't worry if you don't know yet - I'll come up with a great class for you regardless!
1) My studio in SE Portland, Oregon 2) Offsite at your location (travel fee applies) 3) Online/Meet virtually via video conference
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ie how did you find your way to me?