Let’s Go Deep

Betsy Cordes

San Francisco, California

”Let’s Go Deep is about developing a productive and meaningful creative practice as a visual artist. It’s thoughtfully, brilliantly designed to help you do that. And, as the name implies, it might go deeper than that. It certainly did for me. Something about Annamieka’s program helped me step back from my life-long sense of urgency to "make art"... to "be an artist”... and just give myself some space to figure out what the heck that actually meant for me! With this new perspective, I have an incredibly satisfying feeling of being at home in myself. I still have a sense of quest, but the urgency is gone. I know that it’s going to be a lifelong love affair, always evolving, always taking new forms. That's what being an artist means to me now. Annamieka was the perfect mentor for me in this mind- and heart-expanding process. I chose to take advantage of monthly one-on-one sessions and a day-long studio visit with her (in addition to the wonderful group meetings). She met me where I was, messy month after messy month. She is a phenomenally gifted guide. Let's Go Deep was a priceless experience. Powerfully transformational.”

Sara Kabariti

Amman, Jordan

"I learned so much from Annamieka’s wonderful course Let’s Go Deep. I rediscovered my creativity in my 40s, so it never occurred to me to attend art school. Annamieka’s teaching, guidance and encouragement have therefore been invaluable on my art journey. She helped me dive deep into my creative process and brought to my awareness aspects of my art that I wasn’t able to perceive clearly myself. She made me look at my art in a totally new way. Our focus in Let’s Go Deep, to come up with a coherent body of work, bore fruit and by the end of the course I was asked to participate in a group exhibition! I highly recommend all her offerings. She is a remarkable person and a wonderfully supportive mentor."

Cami Flake

San Francisco

“Most helpful to me were the Monthly Live videos (they personalize the experience) and the written lessons.
The mentoring sessions were the best!! 

The most impact came from our mentoring session where Annamieka helped me create boundaries around a client project that required more time than was originally agreed upon. Learning the language for contracts including a ‘kill fee’ was invaluable! 

The course felt like Architecture to Creativity. The course built a beautiful support system to create space for art making. It was truly wonderful.”