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UPDATE: The Working Mamas Artist Collective is currently full. If you would like to apply to be our studiomate in the future, please send an email via the contact form . In your letter of interest, tell us how awesome you are and include links to your work. We will keep your application on file and we will contact you if a space becomes available.


About Us:

We are the Working Mamas Artist Collective, a group of artist friends who share a sweet studio space with a wall of windows that face the Southern sky.  

About the Space:

The studio is located inside the Ford building on SE 11th and Division in Portland. The original tenant has leased this space for over six years and it has all the amenities for comfortably working and teaching small classes, including tables and chairs, a sink and a kitchen, couch, plants, a painting wall and even a giant tree. 

What Goes On Here:

We use our studio like a co-working space, where we all have access at all times and we re-set the space each time we work so it's ready for the next person. We often overlap while we are working. And, we often have the space all to ourselves since none of us are here full time. The space can be used as a classroom, with seating and tables for twelve people.  We have a sweet little gallery and shop set up in the front of our space.

What works well here is working on paintings or drawings or working on your laptop. We often play music or have quiet convivial conversation while we are working. What does not work well here is any kind of business where you have to talk on the phone most of the time. The space is not set up to give everyone their own permanent desk space - the whole space is modular so we can rearrange it and use it for events or projects as needed. Every studio member gets a few shelves to store their supplies, but if you need a lot more storage it is available to rent elsewhere in the building.

The overall vibe when we are here is focused, but friendly. We often host meetups and groups and teach workshops in the space. We sometimes film videos and do photoshoots in the space. Our daughters (aged 3 months to nine years) often join us when we are working here, as well as a friendly dog. As working mamas we are here to get things done when we are in the studio and with our kids in tow we are often multi-tasking, getting work done and keeping the kiddos busy too. 


We communicate via a group text, email, and in-person meetings once a month. Your membership to the coworking space costs $250/month and that includes use of the space, internet, the ability to sell things in the shop, the ability to reserve the space to teach your private classes and host events once in a while, and a small amount of storage for your supplies in the space. We ask for a $200 deposit and a commitment through the end of April 2020.

The studio is open anytime you would like to work and you will have 24/7 access to the space.  Free parking is available on the street although depending upon the time of day you sometimes have to park several blocks away.  There is paid parking available in two parking lots adjacent to the building. The building is right along the train tracks and next to the MAX orange line Clinton street station. The train sometimes blocks traffic long SE 11th and Division so if you meet clients or collectors always advise them to avoid this crossing so they won't get stuck on their way to see you.  We are located up on the second floor of the Ford building. The Ford building is a vibrant mixed-use building with four floors of people working on all types of businesses, from other artists to a cafe to a pickle maker and everything in between. Our studio is across the hall from software company Pinterest and next door to a photographer, a wellness clinic, and the event space Tendue.  There are many delicious eating options nearby including Pine State Biscuits, the Ford Food and Drink Cafe, Double Dragon, and Aviv.

While we mostly co-work, and occasionally reserve the space to use for a private event, there are two conference rooms in the building that are available to reserve and we often reserve those to do private creative mentoring sessions or Zoom calls so we are not dominating the whole space. But once in a while it is fine to reserve the whole space for your class or event, simply coordinate with the studiomates ahead of time using our shared google calendar. The studio fits class sizes of up to 12 adults comfortably. You will have a couple of shelves to store your supplies and we have a lot of shared equipment in the space like a painting wall, tables, chairs, an overhead projector, paper cutter, scissors, etc.  We have a small kitchen set up in the space with a fridge, microwave, toaster oven, coffeepot, sink, etc.

How to Apply:

Send us an email expressing your interest, and tell us how awesome you are.

Be specific about what you’ll contribute to this collective while co-working and sharing a studio.

Include links to your work!

Send to: