Pet portraits

Calling all pet lovers out there! Would you like an original portrait of your fluffy friend? Pet Portraits are a new offering and I'd be delighted to paint a custom 8 x 8 inch acrylic or mixed media painting for you that playfully captures your beloved furry friend and is ready to hang in your home or office! Act now to get your own painting of your fluffy friend!  Makes a wonderful gift for Mother's Day, weddings, or birthdays, too. 

Pet Portrait 8 x 8 Custom Painting
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"I had no hesitations in commissioning a pet portrait from Annamieka because I knew that she would treat such an important subject matter with utmost care and thoughtfulness and put her whole heart into it—in addition to being such a talented artist. Upon seeing the portrait however, my high expectations were blown out of the water! Once my happy tears had subsided, I was able to notice each exquisite detail and bits of Sashi‘s personality shining through that were so thoughtfully integrated. I would wish this incredible experience with Annamieka upon every pet lover out there!!"

Catalina Garretón | Portland, Oregon