For the professionals who helped bring my site to life

Empowered Domains Immersive Weekend Website-Building Workshop

Anya Hankin

Phoenix Rose Anthony


Brand Crush Online Class

Tiffany Han

Erin Cassidy



Stella Starr

Lily Uoka

Alicia Schulz

Isaac Lane Koval


Artist Friends Pictured in Group Photographs

Lily Uoka

Consu Tolosa

Julz Nally

Grace Howes

Gia Whitlock

Emily Clark

Jena Coray



Kristen Mico


Copy Editor

Kathy Cornwell


Studio Assistant

Leslie Coston


Business Coach

Jennifer Lee


AND...All you freakin' amazing art collectors who have invested in my work -

and my adventurous painting students who have hiked into the wilderness (both literally and metaphorically) together with me thus far on my journey -

I bow to you!