custom painting requests


Jessica commissioned original art for her office because she wanted to bring vitality and enthusiasm to her days that are otherwise spent in deep concentration researching and writing about an issue that can be sad and depressing.  Jessica and her company are working to help kids and educators transform the issue of bullying in schools. 

Jessica says:

"I want my work space to ground me as I oftentimes do some tough reflections on how to help kids and how to help educators help kids. For example, right now I'm spending almost 8 hours a day reading research and writing about bullying. It's such a vitally important issue, but it can also be depressing to sit around thinking about it for hours a day, each day, for several months. Therefore, I chose your art for my work space to bring vitality and enthusiasm because I so love what we do and what our company stands for.  I want my work space to keep inspiring me to push the envelope and do the hard, focused work that is necessary to make a difference."   -Jessica Sprick