I'd be delighted to make you a painting!

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Step One: Think

What do you want me to paint for you? Perhaps it's the wildflowers that were blooming in the meadow where you were married. Perhaps it's the huckleberry branches that criss-crossed along the path on the hill above the house where you grew up. Or maybe it's the mountain that you've climbed a thousand times in your imagination, as seen from afar in the city where you live.  

I love to paint tangled dense foliage and flowers. I also love to paint beloved pets, people, and places. Choose what is interesting, meaningful, and beautiful to you. 

Once you've thought about what you want me to paint for you, you get to start gathering imagery. 

Also, I love painting live at weddings. If you’d like to learn more about how the commission process works for this, click here!


Step Two: Gather Inspiration

This is where you send me photos! Gather reference photos that I can use to create your piece. Your reference photos can include anything that inspires you for this painting - gather colors, textures, plants, places, anything that inspires you.  Many times people commission a painting for a special occasion - perhaps an anniversary, a wedding gift, or when you move into a new home. Include swatches of fabric or paint from your interior if you know the room where your painting will live. Choose colors that you love! I can weave your favorite colors into the chosen imagery.  And I want you to be specific about the flowers and foliage that you choose for your painting. As a botany enthusiast, when I paint flowers, I don't just paint blobs of color - I paint flowers like I am painting a portrait of a specific person. As you gather imagery, ask yourself - what imagery is significant to your family, or to the occasion you are celebrating?  Does anything symbolic come to mind? Gather images of anything that inspires you for this painting!

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Step Three: Meet the Artist

We meet, virtually or in-person at my studio, and we play with your inspiration materials. We move photos around, play with color, and decide on the size of the piece. Our goal is to get you to dream big, get clear on your vision, and create a mock-up of the piece to be painted. Important visual elements will be discussed and colors will be chosen. Think of this step like your own personal art consultation. Click here to schedule your meeting with me!

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Step Four: Create the Proposal

After we've met and decided on a vision for the piece, I create a proposal that includes the price, materials, timeline, shipping or pick-up arrangements, and any other details of our agreement. You get a chance to approve or request changes.  Once we sign the contract, 50% of the price of the painting is due up front. Once you've paid the first installment, I get to work on your painting! Click here to download the current price list with shipping estimates.

This process is similar to what I do for live painting at weddings. Want to know more? Click here!


Step Five: Start Painting

My painting process is very intuitive, with many points of choice that affect the outcome of the piece. I do not work with pre-planned sketches - I go right to work on the painting itself, building up layer upon layer. Once we have your imagery and color palette gathered, I work on two versions of the paintings at once. I developed this way of working because it gives me freedom to be loose and trusting while making your painting - because sometimes making messy paint marks can feel like taking a great risk! But when I work on two at once, I feel assured that at least one of them will work out well.  Because of the mystery and spontaneity of the way that I paint, both paintings will come out differently even as I take them through each step of my painting process together. At the end, you get to choose your favorite to keep as your commissioned piece. You also have first right of refusal if you want to buy the second piece before I offer it for sale to the broader community.


Step Six: Inside Scoop:

As I work on your painting, I will send you sneak peeks of the process. You'll get to see how you painting develops.


Step Seven: Pro Touches

Signed on the front and the back, A coat of varnish on top, painting the edges, installing high-quality hanging hardware, framing for an extra fee, carefully packing and shipping your painting.

One reasonable edit is allowed. Extra painting time and other change orders will be billed at an hourly rate.


Step Eight: The Big Reveal

You get to choose from between the two paintings!  Once you have made your choice, the remaining 50% of the painting fee is due. If there is something you must absolutely change about it, and the change is possible to make, one reasonable edit is allowed, for example adding extra pink to a blossom, something like that.  This has never happened, but if the painting really did not work out, your deposit can be refunded or applied towards another painting in my shop. Extra painting time and other change orders will be billed at an hourly rate. Then I carefully package it for shipping and it's on its way to you! Or if you live locally, you can click here to schedule a pickup date here at my studio.

You open your painting and jump for joy! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much will it cost?

After we talk, I will put together a custom bid. The price of your painting takes into account the size, materials, timeline, and other factors. You can get an idea of the average costs per size of commissioned paintings here.

How long will it take?

Allow four to six weeks for custom work.

Can you do a rush order?

Yes. I am willing to do a rush order for an additional fee.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is determined based upon the size and weight of your painting, and how fast you need it to arrive. For a general idea of shipping costs, check out the shipping estimates on this custom painting price list.

Why do you work on two paintings at once?

I often work on two paintings at once when I create a commission. This way, I am able to take risks, and try things out, so there is an element of spontaneity in the artwork. I developed this way of working because I really want you to be happy with the outcome of your piece. (photo of Wendy choosing between her Sunny Day paintings)

What if I don't like either one?

We communicate so much throughout the process that this has never happened. Investing in an original painting is such a special experience and I am committed to making sure you will love your artwork. One reasonable change is allowed to your completed artwork, and additional or major changes will be billed at my hourly rate.

I am decorating a whole house/hotel/building. Can I get a discount for ordering multiple pieces? 

Absolutely. Send me an email and let's discuss your needs.

Ready to get your commission started?

Alright! Getting started is as easy as answering just a few questions for me. Cool? Cool!

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Jessica Sprick

"I want my work space to ground me as I oftentimes do some tough reflections on how to help kids and how to help educators help kids. For example, right now I'm spending almost 8 hours a day reading research and writing about bullying. It's such a vitally important issue, but it can also be depressing to sit around thinking about it for hours a day, each day, for several months. Therefore, I chose your art for my work space to bring vitality and enthusiasm because I so love what we do and what our company stands for. I want my work space to keep inspiring me to push the envelope and do the hard, focused work that is necessary to make a difference."

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