In college, I was diagnosed with cancer - a type of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma - and I underwent intense, difficult treatment during my sophomore year. I created an illustrated booklet about the experience, called Chrysalis: A Story of Healing both to help me gain closure and to be a resource for others.

I feel deeply called to contribute my truth, beauty and my hope to this world. We need to share our stories. It is healing to write that story down and then let it go do its work in the world. It is healing to discover someone else’s story that has just the pieces of truth and recognition you needed at that time in life.

You can read Chrysalis: A Story of Healing online here. You may download the .pdf and save it or print it out and share it. You may make a donation below if you wish. When you click the big pink "Pay Any Amount You Choose" button below, you will be taken to a blank Paypal Checkout page - enter the amount that you wish to pay in the "Price Per Item" field and then click "Continue" to pay. Thank you!

I also have a limited number of printed copies of this book.  If you'd like to purchase a printed copy, click below to place your order. In your printed copy, I'm happy to add a handwritten note specifically for you or a loved one diagnosed with cancer or another life threatening illness. Please specify what you want me to write in the note, and I'll personalize it before I ship it out.

Let's lift each other up!