21 Secrets Summer Studio 2018

New mini-course available as a part of 21 Secrets online class!  Begins July 30th 2018
I got a chance to film a new online mini-course, and I'm really excited about it! My class is called "Lush Foliage" and in it, I teach you how to make a painting like the one I am holding above.  I filmed it as my contribution to a bigger online course called "21 Secrets - The Great Outdoors."  You can gain access to my new mini course "Lush Foliage" along with lessons from ten other artists, when you sign up for "The Great Outdoors" through 21 Secrets.

So what is 21 Secrets, you might ask?  21 Secrets produces e-courses that contains lessons from artists all over the world. This Summer, they are producing what they call a "Summer Studio Series" which contains two e-courses: "The Great Outdoors" and another workshop called "Just Add Water."  Each course runs live for ten days, and contains lessons by eleven different artists from around the world.  After the course ends, you own the content forever.  Here is the schedule for these courses:

THE GREAT OUTDOORS – July 30-August 10  - My course is included in "The Great Outdoors"

JUST ADD WATER – this course ran live from July 9-20, 2018 but if you purchase the bundle, you can still participate and you own it forever

You can sign up for both courses together as a bundle, or just choose your favorite.  Isn't it perfect that I'm a part of the course called "The Great Outdoors?" I think it's pretty neat. Here's the bouquet of wildflowers that I collected whilst filming the lessons for the course:  

Registration for the Summer Studio sessions just opened and you can sign up today using this spiffy link . When you do, I’ll get a small portion of your registration fee. 21 Secrets also offers another Summer Studio class called "Just Add Water" which also looks amazing. The two classes can be purchased as a bundle. 

The courses are $55 each for The Great Outdoors and Just Add Water or the bundle of two for $98. 

I’m just so excited about this class! I packed a LOT into my workshop videos for the course.  And when I submitted my videos, I had a chance to sneak a peek at the other instructor videos -  and you are in for a real treat. Think of this whole course like a box of chocolates: Each instructor has put together their a sweet, special, mini-morsel of an art workshop for you.  And when you sign up, you’ll get to indulge in them all!

Hope you can join me in The Great Outdoors course later this Summer.  I'm excited to be a part of one of these star-studded online courses for the first time!  (and I believe we are all stars, including you!  Shining our light and making a huge constellation of kindred spirits all over the world).  Perhaps I'll see you in the online community that is 21 Secrets!