Alumni Members: I’m Going Deep This Year—Join Me Again!

A year-long creative mentorship program for artists to create a cohesive body of work.

This offering is all about getting to the core of your own creative work, inventing an art practice that is truly your own, and producing a cohesive body of work. I will lead from my lifetime of experience as a visual artist but don’t be mistaken; I am not the one with all the answers.  YOU have access to everything you need to know inside of you. This is about your own collaboration with creativity itself.


Do you want to be in love with your work?

Falling in love takes time. Courtship. Dedication. Hot dates. Communication. Cultivating an art practice and producing a cohesive body of work takes similar time, passion, and patience. As I thought about this, I was reminded of my final year of college: my BFA thesis year. After years of foundational courses and art history, I had to make a choice. I could graduate with a B.A. in art, or I could take an extra thesis year to earn a B.F.A. A mentor advised me to do the thesis year, saying that it might be the last time I’d be able to simply focus on my art for a year in a supportive environment.

As it turns out, my mentor was right—it's really rare to be able to take a year to focus on your artwork. That’s what this course is all about.

Let’s Go Deep is like a “thesis” year for your art. Every month, we will do a lesson related to deepening our creative practice & making strong work.

Joining me on this journey is perfect for you if you:

  • Want to go all in on your art practice and see where it takes you;

  • Want to be in a supportive, energetic creative group but not a "paint-like-me" art class;

  • Know you're meant to make more art but find yourself in resistance or can’t seem to nail down a consistent creative practice; or

  • Are looking for creative mentorship.

Let's Go Deep will be like your own thesis year: you will develop a creative practice that is totally and wholly yours and produce art that is an expression of who you are and why you want to make art in the world. The program will be all about dialing into inspiration: tapping into divine inspiration and finding your unique way to get to the heart of your own creative work.

It’s not about me having all the answers and telling you how to make your art. You will watch me developing my own artwork and art practice. I’ll share how I’m making choices, overcoming obstacles, finding inspiration, and more.

I’ll also be guiding you via:

  • A monthly lesson on a different aspect of creative practice each month, with themes ranging from color theory, contemporary art practice and even things like abstaining from looking at others’ artwork

  • A live Q and A call every month

  • At the beginning of the year: a private session with me to create your individualized plan for the program

  • At the end of the year: a portfolio review session with me to reflect on all that you’ve learned and created

  • A monthly 1-on-1 mentoring session and 1 whole day in the studio with me if you choose the Full Focus level of participation.

Does this sound like it was made just for you? 

I’m looking for a dedicated, deep, intimate cohort of participants who are craving this same kind of ownership and depth in their art practice and want to see their art grow by leaps and bounds this year. It’s not about experience or “skill level,” it’s about wanting to go deep and grow!

  • This is a side-by-side process. I will be here as a catalyst, a spark to set you on fire - but you will learn to sustain the fire in your very own way.

  • Students say that I am good at doing the deep-dive discovery and being transparent & real about what I find. That is what I will share as we go along.

  • My goal is for you to come up with an art practice that fits you like your favorite jacket: it should make you feel warm, happy, confident, and comfortable.

This program is a game changer and a world changer! Join me—It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you focus your full creative force on your art!

Q: When can I register?

A: Now! Scroll down to learn more about registration options, we begin November 1st. But first let’s hear from some of your fellow artists who participated in the inaugural round of Let’s Go Deep. Read more from past participants on the Testimonials page!

Sara Kabariti

Amman, Jordan

"I learned so much from Annamieka’s wonderful course Let’s Go Deep. I rediscovered my creativity in my 40s, so it never occurred to me to attend art school. Annamieka’s teaching, guidance and encouragement have therefore been invaluable on my art journey. She helped me dive deep into my creative process and brought to my awareness aspects of my art that I wasn’t able to perceive clearly myself. She made me look at my art in a totally new way. Our focus in Let’s Go Deep, to come up with a coherent body of work, bore fruit and by the end of the course I was asked to participate in a group exhibition! I highly recommend all her offerings. She is a remarkable person and a wonderfully supportive mentor."


Betsy Cordes

San Francisco, California

”Let’s Go Deep is about developing a productive and meaningful creative practice as a visual artist. It’s thoughtfully, brilliantly designed to help you do that. And, as the name implies, it might go deeper than that. It certainly did for me. Something about Annamieka’s program helped me step back from my life-long sense of urgency to "make art"... to "be an artist”... and just give myself some space to figure out what the heck that actually meant for me! With this new perspective, I have an incredibly satisfying feeling of being at home in myself. I still have a sense of quest, but the urgency is gone. I know that it’s going to be a lifelong love affair, always evolving, always taking new forms. That's what being an artist means to me now. Annamieka was the perfect mentor for me in this mind- and heart-expanding process. I chose to take advantage of monthly one-on-one sessions and a day-long studio visit with her (in addition to the wonderful group meetings). She met me where I was, messy month after messy month. She is a phenomenally gifted guide. Let's Go Deep was a priceless experience. Powerfully transformational.”

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Let's Go Deep: Create a Cohesive Body of Work that is truly YOURS.

Where do you want to be, one year from now, with your creative work? Let's make it happen for you. Let's Go Deep.

Let's Go Deep - Committed Member Level


  • Monthly Lesson (Including Videos and Downloadable Worksheets)

    • You'll learn a new way every month to get deep into your work, access your own creative power and uncover your own voice and style

    • Read the full course curriculum outline on the FAQ page

    • Our monthly lessons will generally be on the First Wednesday of every month at 10am PST, with a few exceptions, you can see the dates on the FAQ page. During these calls, hosted on the Zoom video platform, I talk through the month’s lesson as a whole, and then open it up to discussion at the end for whoever is attending live. I encourage you to attend live if at all possible, but if you’re not able to attend, that’s OK. The call recording will be posted in the online classroom within 24 hours after the call, so you can watch it, or listen podcast style, audio only at your convenience.

  • Live Q and A call monthly

    • You'll be able to ask me your burning questions about the lessons so you can apply the teachings to your own journey

    • You are invited to submit your questions ahead of time so I can research the best resources to share with you

    • The Q & A call will take place the Second Wednesday of the month at 10am PST. Again, if you can't attend live, the Q & A call will be recorded and made available for you to watch, or listen to podcast-style once the recording is posted.

  • Private Slack group

    • A private group where you can get support, feedback and guidance from me and your fellow participants. This is vulnerable work we're doing so it really helps to have a community who understands the journey you're on and who has your back.

    • A note about Slack: This part of the course is totally optional. Slack is not required to get the most out of the experience. I will create a "How-to” for Slack to show you how we will use it.

  • Individualized plan for working through the program

    • 1-on-1 session via video conference during the early part of our year to create an individualized plan for working through the program to make sure your needs are met.

  • Portfolio Review

    • 1-on-1 session via video conference. This will be scheduled near the end of our program year. You'll have my eyes on your work all year but this is our moment to really celebrate and go in-depth in a 1-on-1 session. You'll get my perspectives on your new work, within the context of your year of growth, to help you clarify your own style and voice at this powerful time in your career!

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Let's Go Deep: Alumni Committed Member. 12 Monthly Payments Plan $34.65/month (save $64.35)

Let's Go Deep: Alumni Committed Member. Single Payment for $346.50 (save $643.50)

Register now to ensure your spot!

Let's Go Deep - Full Focus Member Level 

FULL FOCUS: This level is perfect for you if you know that you need extra, highly-individualized support to really take your art practice to the next level  - and you're ready to thrive.


  • Everything included in the Committed Let's Go Deep Member Level plus:

  • One-on-one mentoring call monthly with Annamieka

    • Our 12 calls allow you to get on-going highly focused hands-on time with me to really tailor the teachings to your art practice and to make consistent progress on your goals.

  • One Deep-Dive Creative Day (at time of your choosing)

    • 6 hours 1-on-1 - can be done in-person in my Portland, Oregon studio, or virtually via Zoom video conferencing.

    • In this immersive 1:1 intensive you'll have the opportunity to work through a creative project with me from start to finish - such as designing a solo show, planning an event, fine-tuning your website or artist statement, designing commission packages or teaching offerings. This is hands-on support for the next big step that you want to take with your cohesive body of work.

DSC08899 copy.jpg

Let's Go Deep: Alumni Full Focus. Monthly Payment Plan $124.50/month (save $124.50)

Let's Go Deep: Alumni Full Focus. Single Payment for $1245.00 (save $1245)

One year from now, you could have a strong, cohesive body of work, and an art practice that fits like your favorite jacket. Powerful & truly YOU. Now tell me, what's that worth to you? Let's make it happen!

If you have any questions about the program, please contact me  

Thank you and I can hardly freaking wait to go deep with you!  


PS: Read the Let's Go Deep: Frequently Asked Questions page! It will help!  

Cami Flake

San Francisco, California

“Most helpful to me were the Monthly Live videos (they personalize the experience) and the written lessons.
The mentoring sessions were the best!! 

The most impact came from our mentoring session where Annamieka helped me create boundaries around a client project that required more time than was originally agreed upon. Learning the language for contracts including a ‘kill fee’ was invaluable! 

The course felt like Architecture to Creativity. The course built a beautiful support system to create space for art making. It was truly wonderful.”