I’m Going Deep This Year—Join Me!

This new offering is all about getting to the core of your own creative work, inventing an art practice that is truly your own, and producing a cohesive body of work. I will lead from my lifetime of experience as a visual artist but don’t be mistaken; I am not the one with all the answers.  YOU have access to everything you need to know inside of you. This is about your own collaboration with creativity itself.


On New Year’s Day, I led an art workshop where we explored our deepest goals and desires for the year. My goal is to fall back in love with making my artwork and to produce drool-worthy paintings. Who do I want to be drooling? Me! I want to be passionately in love with the work I’m creating.

Do you want to be in love with your work, too?

Falling in love takes time. Courtship. Dedication. Hot dates. Communication.  Cultivating an art practice and producing a cohesive body of work takes similar time, passion, and patience. As I thought about this, I was reminded of my final year of college: my BFA thesis year. After years of foundations, art history, and studio courses, I had to make a choice. I could graduate with a B.A. in art, or I could take an extra thesis year to earn a BFA. A mentor advised me to do the thesis year, saying that it might be the last time I’d be able to simply focus on my art for a year in a supportive environment.

As it turns out, my mentor was right—I haven’t been able to recreate that experience since. I’ve had little doses and deep dives here and there, and I've managed to become a full-time artist but I’ve been so busy building my career and my business that the notion of taking a year to totally prioritize and focus on my body of work itself has been unthinkable.

But this year, I’m on fire to do it—and not doing it seems unthinkable! I’m going deep into my work, creating a “thesis year” for my art—and I’d love to lead you in the process as well. Joining me on this journey is perfect for you if you:

  • Can’t seem to nail down a consistent creative practice;
  • Want to go all in on your art practice and see where it takes you;
  • Want to be in a supportive, energetic creative group but not a "paint-like-me" art class; or
  • Are looking for creative mentorship.

Going Deep will be like your own thesis year: you will develop a creative practice that is totally and wholly yours and produce art that is an expression of who you are and why you want to make art in the world. The program will be all about dialing into inspiration: tapping into divine inspiration and finding your unique way to get to the heart of your own creative work.

It’s not about me having all the answers and telling you how to make your art. You will watch me developing my own artwork and art practice. I’ll share how I’m making choices, overcoming obstacles, finding inspiration, and more. I’ll also be guiding you via:

  • A monthly lesson on a different aspect of creative practice each month, with themes ranging from photography to abstaining from looking at others’ artwork (such as Instagram);
  • A live Q and A call every month; and
  • Private mentoring and portfolio review if you choose that level of participation.

I’m looking for a dedicated, deep, intimate cohort of participants who are craving this same kind of ownership and depth in their art practice and want to see their art grow by leaps and bounds this year. It’s not about experience or “skill level,” it’s about wanting to go deep and grow!

My goal is for you to come up with an art practice that fits you like your favorite jacket: it should make you feel warm, happy, confident, and comfortable. 

There are two levels of participation:

Going Deep Member ($99/month)    


  • Monthly Lesson (Including Video and Downloadable Worksheets)
  • Live Q and A call monthly
  • Private Facebook group                                

Going Deep Inner Circle ($249/month)  

 Benefits:    All benefits of Going Deep Member plus:

  •  One-on-one mentoring call monthly
  •  One Deep-Dive Creative Day with Portfolio Review session (at time of your choosing)

This program is going to be a game changer and a world changer! It’s going to rock my world—this is the work I’m aching at a gut level to delve into. I want to blow my own mind with my work! What are you aching to do? Isn’t it worth throwing your full effort into it? Join me—let’s see what we can accomplish when we focus our full creative force on our art!

Going Deep begins in May. Applications open soon!


This is a side-by-side process. I will be here as a catalyst, a spark to set you on fire but you will learn to sustain the fire in your very own way. Students say that I am good at doing the deep-dive discovery and being transparent & real about what I find. That is what I will share as we go along.

Goal: Create a Cohesive Body of Work that is truly YOURS by developing and strengthening your art practice.

Four Payment Options

Let's Go Deep Program - 12 Monthly Payments of $99:

Let's Go Deep Program - Pay in Full $990:

Let's Go Deep Program PLUS 1-on-1 Mentoring Monthly - 12 Monthly Payments of $249:

Let's Go Deep Program PLUS 1-on-1 Mentoring Monthly - Pay in Full $2490: